What Makes Beltie Beef Special?

Unique Cattle, Unique Beef......

Belted Galloway beef is unlike any conventionally raised beef you will find in the supermarket. While often raised for their unique markings and "ornamental quality", this particular breed also produces a high quality, lean, but flavorful meat that is used in some of the UK's finest restaurants. 

Belted Galloway cattle are well suited to grazing on less desirable pasture lands and will forage where other cattle breeds will not. This makes them ideal to raise in areas where the land is less fertile (such as the majority of our land which was previously strip mined). Belted Galloway cattle are excellent feed converters that require less inputs and special feed conditions.  In fact, they require the least amount of grain per pound of weight gain when compared to other breeds. Belted Galloway's are also known for their unique double-layer hair coat. Averaging 4,000 hairs per square inch,  this unique coat allows them to stay warmer in winter without having the excess back fat of other breeds, thus making their meat much leaner. Beef from the Belted Galloway cattle is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, while still maintaining the desired marbling that adds flavor and tenderness. So, if you're on a special low-fat, low-cholesterol, heart healthy diet, no problem! With Beltie beef, you CAN have your steak and eat it too! 

The carcass yield of Belties are high having as much as 60% yield from their live weight. The lower amount of back fat that needs to be trimmed allows for this, therefore you often end up getting more product for your money. 

Overall, Belted Galloway beef is more flavorful, healthier and makes definite economic sense. There are so many other reasons that Belties are a wonderful breed to raise, but this highlights just the benefits to the consumer. They are also a very docile breed with great maternal instincts, known for their calving ease and pasture hardiness.  Contact us with any questions or to put some Beltie beef in your freezer!

Want to give Beltie Beef a try?

We offer beef in bulk 1/4's and 1/2's. We also offer individual cuts as available.