Our Animals

The "stars" of our show


Without our animals, we couldn't do what we do. So we'd like you to meet some of the amazing livestock that call Windy Meadow Farms home and have helped build our herds.

The joy of new life


Our animals give us a deep appreciation for each new day as we witness the cycle of life repeated each year on our farm. 

A little show business


Our Belties have been shown at various shows, including the Indiana State Fair, the Indiana Jr. Beef Cattle Association circuit, and NAILE. With the addition of some promising genetics, we are excited about the future of our breeding program! 

Our Herdsires



Meet Antietam Whiskey, USD34554-D sired by Fearrington After Hours x Antietam Asia. This guy is a gentle giant and gave us our start into breeding Belties. 



Sunnybrook Brody USD41465-B is a product of Countyline Connor (a Platinum Lifetime bull) x Sunnybrook Jacy. A December 2016 calf, he is now on the job here at Windy Meadow Farms and we are thrilled to have a bull of this caliber to take our breeding program to a new level. 

A Few of Our Females


Windy Meadow Ella USD41744-B

A February 2017 calf sired by our first bull, Whiskey, Ella has grown into quite a beauty and should be expecting a calf sired by Brody in fall of 2019. This mating should bring more power and  depth than we have seen to date. 


Stonesthrow Ubetcha USD30276-B

Ubetcha, known to us at "Bet", has been named a Platinum Lifetime cow. She has had tremendous success in the show ring as well as her offspring. Bet is still going strong at 10 yrs old and we are thrilled to have recently gotten a heifer calf from her, Windy Meadow Fiesta. (sired by Countyline Connor) She has great maternal instincts and adds remarkable frame size.


Sunnybrook Eclipse USD37096-B

Eclipse was added last year, and we are excited for what she can bring to the plate. Sired by Sunnybrook Eastwood, (a son of Ubetcha) out of Sunnybrook Legacy, this gal has some exciting genetics to offer. 

A Few Other Farm Friends


Our hens

From Silver Cuckoo Marans to Exchequer Leghorns, our hens are a source of free range fresh eggs and a little feathered friendship!



Our sweet Charlotte was adopted from some very dear friends who moved out of state and could not take her with them. She now has a forever home with us and intimidates the mice around our barn!