New Wild Edibles Jelly!


Some of the most unique flavors around!

We like to do things out of the ordinary around here, so we've added to our farm market shelves our own line up of uniquely flavored jellies and jams! We've begun with this tasty spring line up of wild edible jelly. $6.00 / 8 oz. Makes a unique & special gift!


Dandelion jelly!

Dandelions have long been known for health benefits, including their antioxidants and vitamin C. Every part of the dandelion is edible, and despite their reputation as a nuisance plant, they are quite delicious, having a taste similar to honey. Looks like sunshine in a jar!


Woodland Violet jelly!

Our violet jelly is a unique pop of tart flavor, much like a Jolly Rancher candy! Tastes unforgettable and makes for an extraordinary pb&j sandwich!


Eastern Redbud jelly!

Our Eastern Redbud jelly is a family favorite! Sweet and buttery, it tastes amazing on a warm biscuit. Redbuds are in short season, with blossoms fading fast, so this is a variety that won't be around for long!


Market hours & drop site info

Our farm market is currently open by appointment during the winter season. We do offer drop site deliveries in Boonville, Newburgh (Wednesdays or Sat), Evansville (Sundays or Wednesdays), and Ft. Branch (Thursdays).