About us


A little something different.....

Established in 2010, Windy Meadow Farms is located in the small Southwest Indiana town of Lynnville. Our farm sits on approximately 100 acres, most of which was once active coal mining property. Our pastures are primarily reclaimed ground, which we had a desire to see once again thriving and producing. We also recognized a need for busy, health conscious families to have a source of nutritious meat they could feel confident in serving at their dinner table. Here at Windy Meadow Farms, you will find premium meats that are both robust in flavor and exceptionally healthy. If you are concerned about eating red meat due to cholesterol or fat, we want you to know you can still have your steak and eat it too! (See "Why Beltie Beef" section for complete nutritional info) Besides the health benefits of Belted Galloway beef, it has unparalleled flavor! Fry it up for a quick burger or family taco night, fix a tender crock pot salisbury steak on a busy day, or for a more gourmet approach, enjoy tender filets on the grill! 

We introduced our small herd of registered Belted Galloway cattle in 2015 and immediately fell in love with this beautiful, docile breed that gave us a source of premium "Beltie" beef. Why Belties you ask? Belted Galloway cattle are a heritage breed of cattle originating in Scotland. They were developed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the Scottish Moorlands and have a unique double layer coat that afford them extra warmth and protection during the winter months while having less back fat. They burn fewer calories trying to stay warm, giving them their own natural marbling without excessive grain inputs. Their meat is also lower in fat and calories when compared to the same cuts of traditionally raised beef breeds, whether grass fed or grain finished!  We genuinely enjoy raising this amazing breed of heritage cattle that is thankfully now on the "recovering" list and increasing in numbers according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. 

Our goal is to be able to provide a source of healthy, superior tasting meat straight from our pastures to your table. We strive to create an alternative source to run-of-the-mill supermarket meats, as well as offer a product you can trust with no hormones, no steroids, and the peace of mind of knowing each animal is humanely cared for during its life at our farm. We welcome farm visits and would be happy to answer any of your questions. 


Know where your food comes from.....

We want to reconnect your family to the source of your food. We also believe that you can speak volumes with your pocketbook. By supporting local farmers and artisans, we can help make our communities stronger. We want to be here to fulfill your family's need for healthier meat and offer personal service that you won't get at big supermarket retail centers. While we aren't a large farm operation, we believe in quality over quantity. We don't have a fancy retail space, and you may have to drive a little to get to us (although we are just 1 mile North of I-64 in Warrick County), but we are proud to offer our customers a unique product you won't find in the local city supermarket (even "health food" markets) or in most of southern Indiana in fact! We are one of just a tiny handful of Belted Galloway breeders in this part of the state. 


Reclaiming what's been lost.....

In today's society, most folks are at least 2 generations removed from the days of raising your own food on a family farm. We want to help rekindle that spirit in our own family and help your family be a part of that as well. While there is a place for "big agriculture" (only 1-2% of our country's population has to find a way to grow food for everyone else), we still want to preserve for you the small farm / country mercantile feel that brought such a sense of community and neighborliness in days gone by. Stop by our farm market, grab your eggs, pet the barn cat and sit a spell! Open most Saturdays, call ahead to check product availability. 


Raised with loving care....

Take home delicious meat that you can be confident in knowing exactly how it was raised. Our animals live where they have plenty of room to roam and are rotated to where they have access to the best grazing all summer long. We take pride in raising them as naturally as possible, with no hormones, steroids or feed-additive antibiotics. We make it a point to spend time out in the pasture with our herd where we can keep a close watch on their health and well being. True to our Christian beliefs, we try to follow the words of Proverbs 27:23 which instructs us to "Know well the condition of your flock and pay close attention your herds."