Windy Meadow Farms

Providing delicious, healthy meat for your freezer as well as quality breeding stock for your pastures. 

Simply unique.....

While we aren't a large farm operation, we believe in quality over quantity. We don't have a fancy retail space (ours is quaint by comparison) and you may have to drive a little to get to us, but we are proud to offer our customers a unique product you won't find in the local supermarket, health food market, or in most of this part of southern Indiana for that matter. We are one of just a tiny handful of Belted Galloway breeders in this part of the state and also one of the only sources anywhere near that offers goat meat (chevon), the leanest red meat available!


Better for your family.....

Fact: You won't find Belted Galloway beef in any regular supermarket EVER, even in many "health" food, or "whole" food stores. You will RARELY find it in specialty meat shops. Why? Belted Galloway beef is NOT a feedlot beef that is produced on a mass scale. It is is a one of a kind HERITAGE breed of cattle that dates back to the 16th century. It is known for its signature flavor and unique health benefits. Sure, it may take a bit longer to produce and finish, (which is why feedlots prefer more conventional breeds) but our end product is definitely worth the wait. Check out the rest of our site to learn more!


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Premium meats

Produced on a family owned farm, and your only local source for the healthiest red meats available. 

A passion for our animals

We insist on treating every animal humanely and with respect.

We care about little things

We understand it is a privilege to serve you and are always looking for ways to improve our service and our product

Our Belties....

Registered Belted Galloways. We have both traditional black and dun genetics. Beautiful heritage breed cattle, that produce exceptionally flavored beef.

Our Goats....

Registered and commercial Savanna and Boer meat goats. The healthiest red meat available. 

Raised on pasture....

The way nature intended, our animals are raised primarily on pasture, then grain finished for perfectly textured meat.

Contact Us

We'd love to meet you in person! We welcome farm visits!

We'd love to show you around, let you meet the animals, and explain the health benefits of Belted Galloway beef and goat meat. Feel free to contat us to schedule a farm visit or check us out on Facebook!

Windy Meadow Farms

12600 Kiddie Rd, Lynnville, IN 47619

(812) 403-0019 or (812) 403-0004


We are always open. Best days to catch us here at the farm are: 

Tuesday - Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Between busy farm life and homeschooling, our schedule is sometimes unpredictable, so if you are driving a distance, please call ahead. Farm market open most Saturdays, 9-4, closed for lunch 12-1. 

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