Meat Pricing......


Homemade Bone Broth.............$10 / pint jar

We are beginning to add our homemade, healthy bone broth to our inventory in small batches. Bone broth is not only delicious and adds great flavor to many recipes, with all of its restorative amino acids, minerals and collagen, it is a great way to boost your health!

What we offer.....

We offer premium grass fed, grain finished Belted Galloway beef, both wholesale freezer beef, and individual cuts. Our beef is processed at Dewig Meats in Haubstadt, IN, a USDA inspected facility that has been in business since 1916. Beef processed at Dewig's will hang for two weeks to age and will be double wrapped and blast frozen.

Check our new on-site farm market.....

Open by appointment during winter season, stop by our farm market for a smaller sampling of our beef before you decide on purchasing wholesale freezer meat. 


Q:  What is "hanging weight"? 

Hanging weight refers to the weight of the beef carcass before it is processed. Our goal is to have our beef ready for market at approx. 1,000 lbs. live weight, which, on average, yields about 600 lbs. hanging weight for a whole beef. A half beef would be around 300 lbs., and a 1/4 beef would be around 150 lbs. Because each animal weighs slightly above or slightly below this ideal weight at market, this is a good ballpark figure to go by when considering how much you may have to pay.

Q:  How much will processing cost?

Processing fees on beef are based on live weight. You only pay for the portion you order (half or 1/4 of processing price). Processing on a 1/4 beef usually runs between $85 to $130, depending on your specific processing instructions, and the size of the steer.

Q:  How much freezer space will I need?

A 1/4 beef will yield around 100-110 lbs. of meat for your freezer once processing is complete. A 1/2 beef will yield around 210-220 lbs. actual meat, and a whole beef will equal approx. 400-410lbs. of beef for your freezer. Again, these amounts are approximate, depending on the live weight of the animal at processing.

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