Customer Reviews

This is what a few customers had to say about our products and services......

"Great flavor and value in these meats. Local, family owned hard working people and the quality shows in their product"     

-Stephanie 8/28/17

"This is the best beef we have had. Our family is enjoying the flavor. My wife isn't a a big meat person but said it was the best she had ate and was happy with our purchase."  

-Jeremy P.  1/28/17

"I am very pleased with the quality of meat I purchased this fall...I cooked an arm roast Sunday....delicious!!!!"     

-Jimi 10/17/16

"Had my first taste of Belties today. Delish! Even better was the peace of mind of knowing how the cow was raised and fed."      

-Jill F. 10/5/2016

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